Crypto is here to stay, but the prices won't

Earn across market cycles

At Efficacy labs, we aim to build all the infra required to support sophisticated derivative products on-chain. Degens can hedge some risk, bagholders can generate extra yield

Our vision

As web3 adoptions grows and the markets for digital assets mature, there will be influx of volumes, and this time from more informed retailers and institutions. User behaviour will tend to extremes – responsible hedging for long-term yields & high leverage speculation. To these needs, we believe derivatives are the answer. Well-structured products with asymmetric payoffs will help DeFi liquidity scale. Capital-efficiency is at the core of everything we build, and being infra and security first is how we design.

Our Products

Efficacy’s full stack infrastructure has something for everyone!


Dhan Vaults

Derivatives-backed structured products for institutions, family-offices. On-chain security with tailormade compliance.


Kriya DEX

On-chain orderbook based perp and options exchange built on the Sui chain. Cross-margin trading with low latency.


Chakra SDK

API suite to access the efficacy ecosystem. Robo trade on Kriya. Create, auction multi-chain compatible custom options.

DAOs in da house, listen up

We’re looking to closely work with ~5 web3 orgs to make their treasuries more capital efficient via tailor-made structured products. (Bonds, ESOPs anything)

Future roadmap
Late 2022
KriyaDEX launch on Sui devnet. Audit completion, mainnet readiness
Q1 2023
Perpetual markets live on Kriya. Trade mining program. Chakra SDK beta for select institutions
Q2 2023
LP Loyalty NFTs, Degen Dungeon trade competition, Quant hackathon, Volume growth

Still have questions?

We’ve tried to foresee some of them, reach out on our socials for more

Users deposit crypto or fiat collateral, which is then pooled into a smart contract on-chain and used to algorithmically allocate capital as per the vault mandate. Specific legal and custodianship services available with our partners to make investment seamless as per your transactional preferences Lock-in periods defer from vault to vault basis the strategy.

Most DAO treasuries hold 30-40% of TVL in their own tokens, another big chunk in L1 chain tokens. This brings a lot of portfolio concentration risk. In our alpha program, Efficacy will be the de-facto CFO of your treasury, we’ll hedge long term holdings, create debt financing instruments for rainy days as well as help issue ESOPs for protocol contributors.

Derivatives on the Kriya DEX are partially collateralised products. They’re margined using a shock spot value and a rolling EMA of the IV observed on the orderbook. Custom cross-chain options minted via the Chakra SDK are all fully collateralised.

Structured products in tradFi are vaguely defined as investment products with returns linked to an underlying asset basis a pre-defined logic (ie the probability of actual payoff, even though asymmetric, can be calculated) Products range from actively managed theta decay strategies, to passive principal protected notes backed generating yield via basis yield, vol swaps.

There are multiple ways off-chain and on-chain MMs / LPs can be a part of the Efficacy ecosystem. They can MM on the Kriya DEX via APIs, invest in the LP pool. Participate in vault auctions happening via Chakra. Hedge spot LPs risk via Samriddhi vaults.

The SDKs are web2 wrappers over Efficacy ecosystem. There are multiple use cases. CeFi platforms can use this suite to embed Samriddhi Vaults on their platform and earn referral rewards from us. Prop desks, hedge fund quants can use these APIs to robo trade, market make on the Kriya DEX (both custodial and non-custodial access available via Chakra). 

Token wen?

Use the platform, have faith, you’ll be rewarded! Till then, allow us to take the hassle of convincing VCs and figuring out the best community-first, sustainable tokenomics